Maple Platter with basket illusion


This is a 14 inch Basket Illusion Maple Platter that has been turned, beaded, pyrographed, and a basket weave illusion pattern created with the use of various colors of India ink, which was applied to both the front and back.  The back is a mirror image of the front.  A basket weave pyrographed design joins the front and back patterns. Numerous hours of delicate pyrography makes this piece of art unique,  After the design is created and drawn on the maple, each square is colored with India ink until the full spectrum of colors emerge.  There are a total of 10,560 pyrographed squares.  A clear Ultra Violet  finish is applied to protect the wood and India ink.  This platter can be displayed in many ways, whether on a stand or hanging on a wall.  Definitely a conversation piece or else a unique gift for that special friend.

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