Unique Box Elder Vase with Iridescent Paint Pattern


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This is a Box Elder vase that measures 6 inches in diameter by 10 1/4 inches tall.  The wall thickness is approximately 3/8″ and the inside is finished as well.  Both the inside and outside were colored with black lacquer.  The outside features a band of a unique pattern.  Iridescent paints were used and are all hand painted.  Also, two gold borders were added to further enhance this design. This is one of a kind vase shape, proportions and the enhancements with the  touch of gold makes this vase very personal.  Multiple coats of lacquer were applied to protect the wood and the enhancements. I signed the bottom of the vase which also features the species of wood used. Will definitely make a statement wherever it is shown.  Will also make a great gift, whether it is a wedding, friend or a house warming.